Denver Comic Con Does Not Need Saving

Comic Book Classroom (CBC) and its major funding program, Denver Comic Con and Literary Conference (DCC) remains true to its not-for-profit mission of children’s literacy.


Prior to the 2013 con, Charlie LaGreca, one of the six co-founders of CBC and DCC, (the other founders are Christina Angel, Illya Kowalchuk, Bruce MacIntosh, Frank Romero and Michael Newman) took a paid contract position with the organization. As was discussed at length with Charlie, the bylaws of the non-profit necessitated that in order to draw a salary he would need to step down from the board—as he agreed.


Another founder, Frank Romero, stepped down from the board for personal reasons in January 2014. The rest of the founders continue to work tirelessly towards the mission of children’s literacy—sometimes up to 80 (unpaid) hours per week in these months leading up to the con.


Charlie was paid $10,000 and was the only founding member who was paid. After the 2013 con, Charlie’s contract was not renewed. In the months following the convention, CBC and Charlie went to a number of mediation meetings. And therefore his nonparticipation has never been in question. We deeply regret that the matter has jumped from mediation to the court of public opinion.


Allegations of misuse of funds are wholly untrue. As an applicant for 501(c)3 status, CBC’s financial statements are a matter of public record; the 2012 990 form is on file with the IRS, and when the fiscal year 2013 records are completed they will be filed and will also be publicly available as a matter of course.


The organizational structure that is being built around one of the nation’s largest conventions is a result of its success and popularity. We’re expecting 75,000 attendees this year; we’re planning more than 300 hours of educational programming and have dozens of comic creators and celebrity guests. Since the 2013 con, CBC has invested in the development of more mature processes and policies and staff to ensure there’s a CBC that lives beyond any of its founders.


Every hour and every dollar spent by CBC goes towards securing the non-profit mission. There have been a number of developments on the classroom front since the 2013 convention:


  • There is currently a CBC class in session at Sanchez Elementary in Lafayette, Colo.
  • CBC is working with the City and County of Denver to integrate the curriculum to the Youth One Book One Denver Project, a program that involves approximately 2,500 kids.
  • CBC is working with Platte Forum to teach high school students that are at-risk but showing promise in the curriculum. They in turn will teach it to younger kids.
  • CBC recently wrote a grant with The Conflict Center to execute programming at Sims-Fayola International Academy in the aim of authoring comic books to develop emotional intelligence and critical decision making as those relate to being an adolescent male.
  • Additionally, CBC staff are currently planning dozens of hours and specific programs designed around children’s literacy at its largest annual program, Denver Comic Con.
  • As the curriculum and materials are rebranded to adhere to legal and education standards, classroom activities will see an uptick in the summer of 2014.


Additionally, it’s because of its fiscal responsibility that CBC is positioned for growth in 2014 and beyond. The future plans for the organization include multiple curricular sets being widely available to educators, a YouTube instructional channel, a scholarly conference to be held concurrent to DCC and eventually, its own physical classroom space.


CBC encourages anyone who believes its mission isn’t being tended to carefully enough to volunteer. As a non-profit, we’re only as good as the people who stand with us to provide children’s programming at the convention—including activities in the Kids’ Corral—and the teachers, educators and administrators that apply their many talents to the CBC curriculum.


Thank you for your continued support.


Comic Book Classroom / Denver Comic Con


michael Haze

February 19, 2014 7:48 pm Reply

Starting a new adventure is always troubelsome, I commend all those who were involved and stepped up to create Denver Comic Con, they are courageous people and deserve recognition for their achievement. The Stane’s of the world just wait for opportunity. I would wish, they could realise the benifit of both.
Iron Man

Thomas Stepnosky

February 19, 2014 8:14 pm Reply

I love all these people, they do an amazing amount of work, to help others. Thank you for being a wonderful example, for setting the bar higher, helping those that need it. You are all true Super Heroes!

Andrew Moore

February 19, 2014 8:23 pm Reply

Thank you for being so proactive. Your straight-ahead approach is refreshingly transparent and lends itself to long term trust. CBC has leading potential that must be cultivated. Way to go!

Jim Winski

February 19, 2014 8:42 pm Reply

Thank you for the statement. As always, there are two sides to an argument. I will be interested to see how this “he said, she said” story plays out.

Chris Salch

February 19, 2014 9:51 pm Reply

I for one am very happy with everything you have been doing for us fans. ^_^ Keep your heads high and things will work out