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Mission Statement

Educating children and the general public through comic books and other forms of pop culture, and bringing together the diverse people and interests of our community regardless of age, race, gender or background.


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Denver Comic Con 2015 Programming

What is a “Comic Con?”

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know, if you’re new to this type of event we will be happy to explain everything to you. Comic Con is short for “Comic Book Convention.” In fact, comic books (often referred to as “Comics”) are a large part of what brought us all together and what we celebrate, but there’s more to Denver Comic Con than just comic books:

Most of the more than 400 hours of DCC programming and events looks behind what’s popular to see what we can learn from it.

What is “Programming?”

“Programming” (or panels) are all the demonstrations, sessions and activities that can be viewed and experienced during Denver Comic Con.

Although the media tends to focus on the trashy aspects, DCC is all about examining the culture behind pop Culture. Many of these sessions involve some pretty elaborate animated presentations, and the discussions are often roundtable where the audience is invited to participate. If you want to share your thoughts at the same time you broaden your knowledge, there will be dozens of opportunities in DCCs 20+ panel rooms.

“Education” and “learning” aren’t dirty words here at DCC – especially because the name is right there in our parent organization’s name, Pop Culture Classroom. We strive to present something of educational value in every presentation; in fact, one requirement of all panels submitted by the public is that attendees will come away having learned something of positive value. The mission and philosophy of DCC Programming is that we can all learn a lot about ourselves and the people around us if we look deeply into all the things that interest us.

DCC is the only comic con with a diversity mission, and this is because we are all about inclusion: We want everyone to feel comfortable and part of our community. Our programming is no exception, as we strive to provide a variety of sessions for the LGBTQ community, women and people of color.

Some examples include the NASA panel, “Women in Science,” and “Is There Discrimination in Pop Culture,” which will include perspectives from representatives of the comic book, music and film industries. We are also proud to feature the return of the Indigenous Narratives Collective, a comic publisher with the Native American perspective. The group will premiere the first collected volume of The Code Talkers comic and participate in panels with “Native Women In Comics And Pop Culture,” “From Sidekick to Superhero, The Rise of Native Superheroes,” and “Heroes, Tricksters And Monsters: Native American Comic Books.”

Celebrities will of course do their big Q&A’s in our two Main Events rooms, where you can geek out on all the pop culture goodness and you’ll certainly learn a lot about what makes them tick. But you might be surprised and fascinated by the causes and other things our guests are into. For example, last year actor Raphael Sbarge (Once Upon a Time, Mass Effect) did a session where he discussed his foundation, Green Wish, which helps fund local green organizations. This year, we’re expanding that theme, so watch for the actors’ second panel sessions, where they will discuss their projects and other cultural contributions.

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