Mission Statement

Educating children and the general public through comic books and other forms of pop culture, and bringing together
the diverse people and interests of our community regardless of age, race, gender or background.


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What are your 2015 Dates?

May 23-25, 2015



Where will Denver Comic Con be held?

Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St, Denver, CO 80202


Why the change to Memorial Day Weekend?

We take up a lot of space! We have to choose from dates that are available at our very busy Convention Center. In the coming years, we’ll move back to our traditional June show time.


Why Saturday-Monday?

It’s a holiday weekend and more people will have Monday off than Friday.


What are your convention hours?

DCC'15 Hours:

Date:Show Floor:Panels & Screenings
Saturday, May 2310:00 AM - 7:00 PM10:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Sunday, May 2410:00 AM - 7:00 PM10:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Monday, May 2510:00 AM - 5:00 PM10:30 AM - 11:00 PM


Where can I purchase tickets for Denver Comic Con?

Tickets are only available online at www.denvercomiccon.com under “Tickets” and on AXS.com (search for Denver Comic Con)


When and where can I purchase photo ops with your celebrity guests?

This will be available on our website at least a month before the con, and onsite in the Celebrity Summit area during the con.


Where can I find the schedule for Denver Comic Con?

Our official schedule will be available on our website and Guidebook mobile app approximately two weeks before the convention.


What hotels are offering packages for attendees of Denver Comic Con?

You can find information on hotel deals under “Hotels” on our website’s main menu bar. We are adding new hotel blocks as they become available.



What age limit are the CHILD TICKETS?

Ages 2-11 years.


My child is below the age of 2, will s/he still need a ticket?

No. They will not. All children 2 and under get in free.


What does my ticket/badge include?  What does my ticket/badge NOT include?

It includes general admission and access to the main convention exhibitor floor, panel rooms and special presentations like our Cosplay Shindig Contest. It does not include celebrity autographs and photo ops; these are sold separately.


Why are your prices going up?

The price increase reflects the cost of putting on a show this size. We have always done our best to keep ticket prices as low as we can afford for them and still present a high quality event.


Will you have authorized ticket sellers again this year where I can purchase my tickets in person?

We are only offering ticket purchases online this year.


How will I get my DCC pass/badge?

We will be mailing your badges directly to you via US Postal Service, approximately two weeks before the event. No need to wait in line for pass pickup. Just show up and enter the Con.


Do you still offer VIP passes?

This attendee badge is now called the “Speed Pass” (see Speed Pass).


Will you have early badge pick-ups?

No. Your badge will be mailed to you to weeks before the event.


Do you still offer Teen tickets?

Sorry, we do not offer this. Teens will need to purchase an Adult ticket.


Do you give military discounts on tickets?



Do you have group discounts?

No, we are not offering this in 2015.


Do I get a discount as an employee of a charitable organization, non-profit or as an educator?

Not for all three days; however, you can apply for a free 1-day pass for our DCC Educator’s Day activities. For more information about this, please email us using the contact form at the bottom of our website.


What’s the difference between a DCC ticket, pass or badge?

We often use terms interchangeably, so we understand the confusion.

  1. You buy a ticket for DCC through AXS;
  2. AXS will mail your pass (also called a badge) to you, two weeks before the con;
  3. You will need this badge to enter Denver Comic Con’s panels, events, and exhibitor’s hall;
  4. Please always wear your badge during the convention;
  5. Please keep up with your badge at all times and treat them as cash; we will not replace lost or stolen badges.


Why do I need a badge?

Please see “What’s the difference between a DCC ticket, pass or badge?”


Will you provide lanyards for my badge?

Yes, lanyards will be located at the information booths during the con.



What service fees are applied on tickets?

AXS charges a service fee on all online and call center ticket sales.


What taxes are applied on tickets?

There is a 10% tax called the Facilities Development Admission Tax (FDA) which is charged on all tickets sold at events held at venues owned or operated by The City of Denver. When you are purchasing tickets through AXS, this will appear as a line item called “Taxes.” In your confirmation emailed to you, this will appear as “FDA Tax.”

This is not a new tax. Read more about this tax HERE (PDF). It is up to the promoter to include these taxes within the face value of the ticket or on the outside. Denver Comic Con chooses the latter because we want you to know what you are paying for.



What is AXS?

AXS (pronounced “access”) is a digital marketing platform for purchasing tickets for sports and entertainment events in the U.S. All venues operated by the City of Denver will be required to use AXS.


Does AXS have a “cart” option for purchasing multiple levels of tickets?

To purchase more than one type of pass in one transaction (i.e SAT Only and SUN Only), please contact AXS Customer Service directly at:

1-888-9-AXS-TIX (888-929-7849)

925-357-4228 (for calls outside of the US and Canada)


How do I add child tickets to my order?

On the AXS interface, to add child tickets/passes to your order:

  1. In STEP 2, select the total quantity of tickets/passes desired (adult, plus child);
  2. Then in STEP 5, choose the quantities for each.


I’m trying to purchase tickets through your AXS portal, but the portal is not working properly.

The AXS portal should work properly with most of the popular internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox. If you are using any other browser, you may have to switch to one of those mentioned for purchasing tickets.


I’m trying to use a different address for my badge mailing. Will AXS let me do this?

To deter identity fraud AXS does not offer this option. Please contact AXS Customer Service directly for more information:

1-888-9-AXS-TIX (888-929-7849)

925-357-4228 (for calls outside of the US and Canada)



What is a Speed Pass?

DCC’15 Speed Passes will provide 3-day access to a dedicated line entering the Colorado Convention Center and first (not early) access to the con floor, as well as a dedicated, first-served line for Main Events and autograph lines in Celebrity Summit.

One (1) child between 2-11 years:

  1. May accompany a parent/guardian with a Speed Pass in all Speed Pass lines, except for Main Events.
  2. Because of limited seating opportunities in Main Events, they must have their own Speed Pass to be granted first access with their parent/guardian.

One (1) child, aged two or under:

  1. May accompany a parent/guardian with a Speed Pass in all Speed Pass lines.
  2. Because of limited seating opportunities in Main Events, they must sit on the lap of their parent/guardian during panels.


Do I need to get both a 3-day and a Speed Pass if I would like the fast access?

No. Speed Passes include three-day access to the con.



What is the difference between Exhibitor, Vendor, and Merchant?

It’s all the same, we use these terms interchangeably.


Is Artist Valley also considered “Exhibitors”?


How do I become an Exhibitor at Denver Comic Con?

To sell any type of product or merchandise at Denver Comic Con, you must register (once accepted by our Sales department) and pay for an Exhibitor table or booth.


What are your Exhibitor table and booth prices?

When Exhibitor registration is open, the information is located under “Exhibitors” on the main menu bar of our website.


I’m a local or new Exhibitor. Can I get a DCC table or booth?

DCC is committed to maintaining a diverse community of exhibitors drawn from the general community, and a significant percentage of our exhibitors will be drawn from these applicants. So even if you are new to DCC, you are invited to apply for the upcoming event.


I’ve got a product, collection or work I want to display or sell at DCC. Can I just set up a table anywhere there is space?

No. DCC’s floor arrangements are tightly regulated by the Denver Fire Department and Colorado Convention Center. All Exhibitors selling products or merchandise at DCC are subject to taxation by the City of Denver and State of Colorado.


I’ve got a product, collection or work I want to display or sell at DCC. Can I just take an empty table anywhere I see one available?

No. To sell any type of product or merchandise at Denver Comic Con, you must register (once accepted by our Sales department) and pay for an Exhibitor table or booth. Also, all Exhibitors selling products or merchandise at DCC are subject to taxation by the City of Denver and State of Colorado.


Once I’m chosen to be an DCC Exhibitor and pay for my booth or table, where will I get the latest information regarding load-in and out times, and additional services I will need to exhibit at your show?

You will have access to an “Exhibitor’s Portal” located under “Exhibitors” in our website main menu. You will also receive information through email newsletters.


What if I’m not chosen to be an Exhibitor at this year’s show?

You will be placed on a waiting list and may be contacted if additional space becomes available. If no additional space becomes available, we will keep your information on file so you will continue to receive Exhibitor newsletters regarding the next show.



How do I become a Denver Comic Con sponsor?

Please send us an email using the contact form in the footer. Thanks for your interest.



I want to volunteer. Where do I go for more information?

First of all… you are awesome! For more information, please click on the “Volunteering” tab on our website’s main menu bar.


What kinds of benefits do I get for volunteering?

For more information, please click on the “Volunteering” tab on our website’s main menu bar.



What exactly is a “comic con”?

You might think a comic con would be about comics exclusively – but comic conventions have broadened their scope to include a wider variety of topics and guests that appeal to comics fans. For example, last year Denver Comic Con’s guest of honor was William Shatner, Star Trek’s Captain Kirk and general pop-culture icon. Among the attractions were costume contests, movie viewings, and panels involving celebrity guests from a variety of fields as well as comics.


What can I do at a “comic con”?

Start by visiting the various sections of our exhibit floor: At Merchant Mesa, score some really cool geek-swag. Further in, check out Artist Valley where many talented comics artists sell prints, custom sketches, and books. They may even autograph something you brought with you if you ask nicely. At the end of the exhibit floor is where we keep Celebrity Summit which will include all of our invited media and comics celebrities.

There will also be gaming areas highlighted on convention maps where you can try a multitude of video, board, card, miniature, and other forms of gaming to relax.

We will also have a variety of programming topics including fan panels, popular subjects, critiques, and spotlights on our guests.  At night after the exhibit hall closes check the program to see after-hours programming including concerts, performances, and contests in and around the convention center.


Can I bring my camera to Denver Comic Con?

Yes, but please be respectful of our invited guests and other con attendees. Please view our convention rules for more details, under “ABOUT” on our main menu.


This will be my first comic/pop culture con, how does meeting celebrity guests work?

First, thank you for choosing Denver Comic Con as your first pop culture fan con experience. There is a special area of our con floor called “Celebrity Summit.” In this area, each guest will have a table and a queue. At their table they will have autographed photos for sale, sometimes books and other items. You can bring your own memorabilia for them to sign, which they will charge for. They also have the option to refuse signing certain items. Some celebrity guests allow “meet and greets,” which means walking up and just saying hello, without a purchase; many, however, do not. It’s good to ask the person in charge of the line before approaching someone in this way.

In other areas of the con floor, like in our “Artist Valley” you can just walk up to a table. More popular comic book artists, writers or publishers located in this area may also have queues or give out numbered tickets.


Can I take pictures of celebrity guests in the Celebrity Summit area?

Personal photography is not allowed in the Celebrity Summit area, except when the celebrity allows table-side photos for a small fee. However, photo-op packages with celebrity guests will be available on our website at least a month before the con, and onsite in the Celebrity Summit area during the con.


Can I take pictures of a guest in the Artist Valley area?

Most of the time, yes. But please get their permission first.


Are bags allowed into the convention?

Yes. But may be subject to security search when entering the Colorado Convention Center by our security staff.


Can I bring my own water to the convention?

Yes, you can bring your own reusable water bottle into the convention. This is highly recommended since it is summer, you’re at a higher elevation and you will probably be doing a lot of walking.


I can’t attend Denver Comic Con, but want to ship in my comics or other memorabilia for autographs. Do you offer this service?

No. We do not offer this service.


Do you have a place where I can display my art, like in an art show?

This is not offered at Denver Comic Con.


My fan-group or organization has an idea for a Denver Comic Con panel, presentation or performance. Whom do I contact?

You can contact our Programming Department by email us using the contact mail form near the bottom of our website.


Are there going to be food vendors at the convention?

Yes, the convention center will have fast-food restaurants open during Denver Comic Con.


Are there going to be gluten free foods at the Convention Center?

Yes, some vendors may offer some gluten free selections.


Will there be free Wi-Fi available to attendees during the convention?

There is public Wi-Fi in the convention center but it tends to get quite overloaded during peak convention times.


Will there be an ATM available at the Colorado Convention Center?

Yes. But please be advised, there’s quite a line there during con hours.


Where do the proceeds from Denver Comic Con go?

All proceeds of DCC go towards Pop Culture Classroom’s educational endeavors. For more information about PCC, please visit: www.PopCultureClassroom.org



Where can I get information on Parking in downtown Denver?

You can find more information here: http://denverconvention.com/blog/details/downtown-parking


Where can I get information on restaurants in downtown Denver?

You can find information here: http://www.urbanspoon.com/ps/17/8692/denver-colorado-convention-center-nearby-restaurants


Where can I find information on public transportation to the convention?

You can find more information here: http://denverconvention.com/attend-an-event/getting-to-the-center


Got questions?  Our FAQ may have your answer or EMAIL US.  We are always happy to help!

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