Everything cosplay, all in one place! Cosplay Canyon brings together vendors, activities, programming, the Photo Stage and more, into one central location. Dress your best, learn new techniques, or leave the costume at home and just come watch the fun unfold!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cosplay?

The word “cosplay” is a combination of the word “costume” and “play.” It typically refers to practice of fans dressing up in the costumer of their favorite pop culture characters. It’s common to see cosplayers attending anime, comics and other pop culture conventions worldwide.

Although it is never required or expected – fans at Denver Comic Con love to dress in costume.  You can too, if you want (and follow our safety and coverage rules) no one here will judge your fandom or your costuming skills!

What is Cosplay Canyon?

Cosplay Canyon is the Attraction Area at Denver Comic Con where many cosplay related activities occur, panels and workshops are held.

Informal and scheduled group photoshoots are also held here for those costumed in a certain theme (such as “Doctor Who” or “Avengers”) and it is open to any attendee.

If you’re interested in seeing as many cosplayers as possible, or if you’re a cosplayer yourself, visit the location of Cosplay Canyon shown in the map above and prepare to be amazed.

What is the “Cosplay Photo Stage”?

The Cosplay Photo Stage is an annual tradition at Denver Comic Con where groups of cosplayers wearing the same character costume come together at a scheduled time to meet each other, compare costumers, share tips, and have an official picture taken of the entire group on the official Photo Stage.

If you are interested in seeing as many costumes of a particular character as possible, all in one place, check the Photo Stage schedule above and visit Cosplay Canyon at the appropriate time!

What is the Cosplay Classic and when Does it Happen?

The Cosplay Classic is Denver Comic Con’s official, annual cosplay showcase and contest. This takes place on the Captain Colorado Main Stage of the Bellco Theater on Saturday evening, June 16, 2018 – from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  Anyone with a Saturday or 3-day DCC badge is welcome to attend and you do not need to dress in costume!

What about Cosplay Panels?

Room 507, right next to the Photo Stage, will be running cosplay panels all weekend long.  Attendees can see sessions about cosplay technique, craftsmanship, cosplayers and the industry itself.

I’m a Cosplayer and I Need More Info on Your Policies and Participating in Cosplay Activities at the Con, Where Should I Look?

Please visit the For Cosplayers page at Also visit the official DCC Cosplay Facebook Group page at If you have additional questions, please send email to