How to Meet and Get Photos with Jim Davis and Garfield!

by | Apr 19, 2018

The DCC Blog | Meet Jim Davis and Garfield

We’re honored to have the legendary Jim Davis joining us for this year’s Denver Comic Con (DCC) on Friday (June 15) and Saturday (June 16) only!

Denver Comic Con is the ONLY convention where fans can meet Jim Davis and Garfield as they celebrate the character’s 40th anniversary!

DCC will also be the FIRST place fans can get a copy of Jim’s latest book, “Age Happens: Garfield Hits the Big 4-0”, commemorating forty years of the original party animal.

To help celebrate, Garfield will be joining Jim at the show! Bring the kiddos and meet a larger-than-life version of our favorite feline, plus get a rare opportunity to take pictures with him and Jim together!

How to Meet Jim and Garfield

As we described in our recent blog HERE, fans normally have to pay a fee (sometimes $100 or more) to get a celebrity autograph and/or photo.

But Jim had a different idea to meet his fans! Here’s all you need to do to see Jim and Garfield at DCC on Friday or Saturday (Remember: Jim won’t be there Sunday!): 

Note: We will be publishing maps prior to the convention that will help you find and visit all the locations we mention below. Maps will be available on the DCC website, in the 2018 Mobile App and in the 2018 Printed Programs.

  1. Head to the Tattered Cover Pavilion on the main convention floor (maps of the convention floor coming soon).
  2. Purchase a pre-autographed copy of Jim’s latest book, “Age Happens: Garfield Hits the Big 4-0”— remember, this is the FIRST AND ONLY place you can get the book before it goes on sale to the rest of the world!
  3. Take your pre-signed book to the photo line at the scheduled times on Friday, June 15 and Saturday, June 16 only to get a selfie taken with Jim and the larger-than-life Garfield. Bring your own phone or camera, and a DCC team member will take your picture at no extra cost!
For Next Time…

In our next post we’ll be providing more details on how to meet and get photos with the legendary Frank Miller as part of his exclusive DCC Fan Experience Package.

As always, if you have more questions or would like to suggest a topic for us to cover, feel free to write them in the comments below, post them on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, or send them to

See you at the con!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Buy One of Jim's Books at DCC to Meet Jim?

Yes, this is the process Jim and his team requested and it’s the only way you can meet him personally at the convention.

Do I Have to Buy "Age Happens: Garfield Hits the Big 4-0" To Meet Jim or Can I Buy Any of His Books?

You need to buy “Age Happens”, which will be pre-signed, and take it to the selfie line. This will be your “Golden Ticket” to meet Jim and Garfield.

Can I Buy Any Other Garfield Books at Denver Comic Con?

A variety of Garfield books will be on sale at the Tattered Cover Pavilion on the show floor, right at the entrance to Upper Hall F.

If I Bring My Own Book (Or a Different One I Bought at DCC), the Stuffed Garfield I Treasured as a Kid, or Any Other Piece of Garfield Memorabilia, Will Jim Sign It?

Jim has asked that he spend his time meeting his fans personally and taking the official selfies, which is why he will be pre-signing the new ‘Age Happens’ book.  We ask that you not bring other items in the hopes of getting them signed and avoid putting him in any awkward situation.

Will Jim Be at the Con All Day on Friday and Saturday?

Jim will be very busy at DCC!  Along with the two, two-hour signing photo sessions with fans each day, he will have a Q&A session on one of our Main Events stages in the Bellco Theater, and will be teaching kids only how to draw Garfield in the PCC Kids' Lab. Days and times for all activities are TBD. Schedules will be posted on the DCC website, in the 2018 mobile app, and in the 2018 Printed Programs, so you can plan accordingly.

If I Only Buy One Pre-Signed Book, Can I Have My Friends, Family and/or Kids Join Me in the Photo with Jim and Garfield?

Yes! You can have as many people join you in the photo with Jim and Garfield as you'd like. However, our line management volunteers may ask that you limit your photo-group size if excessive crowding occurs.

If I Buy More Than One Pre-Signed Book, Do I Get More Than One Picture?

Yes! The more books you buy, the more photographs you can take.


  1. JULIE

    Will Jim Davis be ok if I come in my Garfield mascot costume?

    • Tara

      Julie, as long as your Garfield cosplay follows our cosplay rules, you may absolutely wear it 🙂

  2. Israel

    How much is the Garfield book for??

    • Tara

      Israel, list price is $28 for the full-color hard cover.

  3. Alan

    Is Jim doing any commissions?

    • Tara

      Alan, he is not.

  4. Joe

    Is there any schedule yet of what times he’ll be doing photos and when the panel will be happening, as well as when he’ll be teaching kids how to draw Gafield?


    • Tara

      Joe, the panel and programming schedule will be available about 2 weeks before con.


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