How to Meet Your Favorite Celebrities and Get Autographs and Photos

by | Feb 1, 2018

One of the most fun and exciting things to do at DCC is meet your favorite celebrities from film, TV, comics, gaming, and from streaming channels like YouTube!

If you’re new to the con, it might be unclear exactly how meeting celebrities works, so in this post we’ll explain how to do it, including how to get autographs and photos.

One of the biggest things to know is that there are two major types of celebrity guests at DCC: Those who appear in Celebrity Summit, and those who appear elsewhere at the con.

Celebrity Summit is a special attraction area on the main convention show floor featuring many of the biggest stars in their respective fields, but there are other areas of interest to fans, like the Reel Heroes Filmmakers area, Artist Valley, The Arena and Author Alley.

Further below we’ll explain more about the Summit, but first we’ll cover how to meet guests appearing outside of it. Be sure to visit the Guests page on the DCC website to see the most up-to-date list of announced guests. We’ll be adding new guests all the way up to the convention start date, so be sure to check back regularly.

Guests Appearing Outside of Celebrity Summit

It surprises some first-time con attendees that there are more than 100 film, TV, comics, author, artist, gaming, educational and other celebrity guests that appear outside of the Celebrity Summit attraction area.

These guests appear in the many other attraction areas spread throughout the convention, such as Author Alley, Artist Valley, Cosplay Canyon, The Arena gaming area, and the PCC Kids’ Lab (to name a few).

The great news is that your opportunity to meet these guests is included in the price of your ticket. During your visit you are free to (politely) walk right up to these guests, talk with them, often take selfies with them, get things autographed by them, and just generally fan-out.

Each of the Attractions pages on the DCC website will eventually have a complete list of the guests appearing in that particular area, and each guest’s individual schedule will be posted on their DCC bio page. If the Attraction page you’re looking for isn’t live yet, check back about a month before the convention starts.

These pages are there to help you to plan your schedule in advance, so you can meet and spend time with as many of your favorite stars as possible.

Guests Appearing Inside Celebrity Summit

Meeting stars who are appearing in Celebrity Summit is different than meeting most other guests at the convention in several important ways.

First, you’ll need to find your way to the Celebrity Summit attraction area on the main convention show floor. This year, it’s in Hall A. To make it easier for you to find, we’ll be posting maps on the Celebrity Summit attraction page (on the DCC website) and on the DCC mobile app several weeks before the convention.

Yar, Matey, Here There Be Lines (and More Lines)!

When you arrive at Celebrity Summit, you’ll see that each of the Summit guests is seated at their own booth area, and they’ll have their name and photo on a big banner right above them.

Because the guests in the Summit are among the most famous in their respective industries, tens of thousands of con attendees visit the Celebrity Summit attraction area each day, so if you plan to visit, it’s good to plan ahead.

The celebrities are incredibly appreciative of their fans, and they want to meet as many as they can and not turn anyone away. So, to accommodate as many people as possible, and to keep it fair and manageable, each guest does have a line.

It’s likely that you will have to wait in a line before you can meet your celebrity (and get an autograph; more on that below), but the good news is the lines tend to move quickly.

Often, your wait time may only be a few minutes, but expect at least a 30-60 minute wait for the biggest celebrities. One thing that can help is to avoid the times when the Summit is typically the most crowded. Saturday will definitely be the busiest of all days, and the first few hours after the show floor opens each day also tends to be quite busy.

PRO TIP: When you arrive at the con, go to the Summit first, check out your favorite celebrity’s daily appearance schedule that will be posted at the end of their line. If the line is super short, take the opportunity and get in there! If the line is long, ask the line attendant when might be the best time to return, and plan your day accordingly.

Lines are an inevitable part of any con, so to help make your line waiting a little less stressful, we created a blog post here with tips on how to make the best of them.

About those Separate “Speed Pass” Lines

If you’ve never been to the Summit before, you’ll quickly notice that there are actually two lines for each guest, and you may wonder what that’s all about.

The answer is that one of those lines is for standard pass holders, and the other is for Speed Pass holders.

If you’re a Speed Pass holder, you’ll be allowed to use the Speed Pass line, which allows you to bypass the standard line and zip to the front in minutes, if not seconds.

If you want to know more about Speed Passes, or if you were lucky enough to get one before they sold out, check out the blog we posted here on how to get the most out of them.

Can I Wait in Line and Just Say Hello Without Paying for Something?

This answer is bit more vague, and the best answer we can give is, sometimes.

We call this a “meet and greet only.” Celebrity guests are working and if they have massive lines, oftentimes “meet and greet only” is not allowed.

They often don’t tell us ahead of time if they permit this in their lines, so you can ask the line volunteers at that particular space, as they will have the answer to that question.

Paying for Autographs in the Summit

Once you get to the front of the line and approach the celebrity’s table, you’ll have the option to pay for an autograph.

There will usually be a variety of items at the table (such as an array of printed photos) that you can choose the celebrity to sign, but you can also bring your own item, such as a Pop Funko, a DVD, or book.

Yes, autographs for Summit guests do cost money — they are not included in your ticket price. Each celebrity sets the price of their autographs, with most charging in the $40-$60 range, but a few can be $100 or more.

Remember: only cash is accepted for autographs. When you get to the celebrity’s table, there will be an assistant sitting next to them who will collect your payment.

Autograph prices for each celebrity will be posted on our website under each person’s bio well in advance of the convention, and we’ll let you know when that pricing is available with an announcement or two on our social media channels — so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Prices are subject to change at any time, but don’t often do.

So, Why Do Autographs Cost Extra?

The reason for this is pretty straightforward. When celebrities appear at conventions, they are not donating their time, they are working — it’s part of their job. By paying for an autograph, you are essentially compensating them for their time. It’s really that simple.

Paying for Professional Photographs Taken with Celebrities

In addition to getting a signature from your favorite star, you can also pose for a professionally captured, studio-quality photo with them.

In fact, you can have up to four people (including yourself) pose together with the celebrity for the same cost. There will also be a small number of opportunities to have more than one celebrity pose together in your photo.

These professional photography opportunities are managed entirely by our awesome third-party provider EPIC Photo Ops. EPIC specializes in this specialized type of celebrity photography at conventions, and they are one of the best in the business.

A few weeks before the beginning of the convention, EPIC will post a page on their website with details about which celebrities are available for photos, their pricing, and the ability to schedule a photo session online in advance.

We’ll also provide a link to the EPIC page from the Celebrity Summit attraction page, and announce it on our social media channels when the EPIC page is live.

What Do I Do After I’ve Scheduled a Celebrity Photo Shoot?

About 15 minutes before your photo shoot is scheduled to begin, you should arrive at the EPIC Photo Opp booth that will be in Celebrity Summit. It’s a big setup, so you can’t miss it.

After you sign in at the EPIC booth, a representative from EPIC will assist you in entering one of the photo studio booths setup in the Summit at your scheduled time.

After the shoot is complete, you will receive a high-quality print of the photo. You can opt for an extra charge for a downloadable JPG version on the EPIC website.

For Next Time…

We hope this post has been helpful in explaining how to meet your favorite celebrities and get the most out of your time with guests at DCC!

As always, if you have more questions or would like to suggest a topic for us to cover, feel free to write them in the comments below, post them on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, or send them to

See you at the con!


  1. abby


    So just checking, to meet and take a photo with a celebrity, one needs to purchase a regular ticket (for example, a Sunday Adult ticket) then wait until a few weeks before the Con and purchase a photo ticket through the EPIC website.

    Do I understand that correctly? This is my first time going to con and I want to make sure I do it right!

    Thanks so much!!

    • Tara

      Abby, yes that’s correct! You’ll need a regular Denver Comic Con ticket, and then if you’re interested in a photo op, you may prepurchase those when they go on sale, about a month before con. You can also purchase them on site.

  2. Caroline

    What is the average wait time for a picture on a Sunday

    • Tara

      Caroline, it really depends on the celebrity guest. However, lines in general are shorter and faster on Friday and Sunday.

  3. Donald

    When you pay for an autograph is it only or one item or can you get multiple things signed?

    • Tara

      Donald, if it’s one of the celebrity guests in Celebrity Summit (so most of the film/TV guests), each item you bring to have signed is a separate autograph fee. However, the authors and comic guests (almost all), will allow you to bring as many items as you’d like to get signed for free. All we ask is that you’re mindful of both the author/artists time, as well as the folks who are in line behind you.

  4. Chelsea

    First timer here…. will the guests be there on specific days or all days? Really interested in seeing 2 specific comic artists but not sure what day they will be there. I am probably only buying a 1 day ticket vs 3 day so I just want to purchase the right one.

    • Tara

      Chelsea, first of all, welcome! Most of the comic artist guests are at the con all 3 days. Only in very specific circumstances (which will include with the announcement) do they only come certain days.

  5. Jesse

    Can you pay for an autograph, and then take a non professional picture (camera or phone) with celebrity without additional payment?

    • Tara

      Jesse, this is up to the guest. Since most do not allow this, we have a general rule of no photography in Celebrity Summit. However, feel free to ask this question to the volunteer line manager on site at their booth to find out if that guest allows it or not.

  6. Jessica Willard

    what time should I arrive on Friday morning to see an author I want to see? What time does the con start or the doors open? I have never been and could not find that information, sorry if I missed it.

    • Tara

      Jessica, doors open at 10 a.m. all 3 days of the convention. Author guests will have specific signing times that will be posted in Author Alley each day of the show. So, your best bet is to come when doors open, check the times, and then come back for their signing.

  7. Estphan Rodriguez

    Do u have to pay for each Signing how many are u allowed to get signed

    • Tara

      Estphan, each item that you’d like to get signed by a guest in Celebrity Summit is a separate fee. Most of our comics guests and authors will sign as many items as you’d like (within reason) for free.

  8. Cris

    If I purchased a photo op and wanted an actress to sign one of my personal items, would that be allowed or would I really need to wait in line as well?

    • Tara

      Cris, you would need to purchase an autograph to have a personal item signed. Celebrities do not sign items during photo ops.

  9. Natalle

    What is the size limit for a personal item to be autographed? For example I’d like for a guest to sign my skateboard (I’ll take off the wheels and such for that) Is that allowed or would it have to be something smaller?

    • Tara

      Natalle, there is no size limit for the personal items. All we ask is that you are considerate of those around you. And of course, a guest always has the right to say no to a personal object. Regarding a skateboard, no wooden objects of any shape are allowed into the con.


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